Marta R. Gustems
A boca de fosc
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A boca de fosc

Editorial Fonoll — 2020

My first poem book written and illustrated by me.
Published by Editorial Fonoll.

«Som setze noies enguany, totes de la mateixa nit, totes cremant-nos per dins, barallant-nos amb els gats i guaitant els núvols, perquè vam tenir aquesta mala sort de néixer en plena calorada, en la nit més curta, amb tan poc temps per al plaer.»

"A boca de fosc" is the diary of a «liquid girl». The passage to adulthood, the discovery of joy and motherhood. The landscape is concrete, fantastic and untamed. An initiatory journey in every sense. The book includes illustrations by the author in accordion format.

«A hybrid and original work, expressive and surprising, documented and intuitive, exciting and conscious, violent and beautiful.» From the afterword by Jaume C. Pons Alorda