Marta R. Gustems


Marta R. Gustems (Barcelona 1976)

After a long career as a fashion designer, in 2013 I decided to devote myself exclusively to illustration and painting. At present working in illustrations for books, albums illustrated and press. Originals for art galleries. I collaborate in school projects and workshops for children.

In 2020 I publish my first book of poems “A boca de fosc” writing and illustrated by me, published by Editorial Fonoll. I write some articles in the digital magazines Núvol and Catorze. In May 2020 the web Paper de vidre publishes my first tale in prose “Qui”.


Finalist “Adult fiction book” for “Historia de una ballena blanca” — Premis Junceda 2020

Finalist “Adult fiction book” for “Todas las madres del mundo” — Premis Junceda 2019


January – May 2019
Collective Exhibition
Carré d’artistes

2018 December – January 2019 
Collective exhibition Hipermerc’art
Cromo gallery / Barcelona

Solo Exhibition
From 1 November 2017 to 7 January 2018
Biblioteca Nou Barris

2017 May
Solo Exhibition
From 5 to 25 May 2017
Casa Usher Llibreters / Barcelona

2016 December – January 2017 
Collective exhibition Hipermerc’art
Fábrica Moritz / Barcelona

2016 April
Solo Exhibition
From 23 April to 7 May 2016
Plom Gallery / Barcelona

2015 December – January 2016 
Collective exhibition Hipermerc’art
Fábrica Moritz / Barcelona

2015 May
Collective Exhibition “L’illa d’Art”
Safia Art Contemporani / Centre comercial l’illa Diagonal / Barcelona

2015 April
Collective Illustration Exhibition “Alice in Wonderland”
From 19 to 30 April 2015
31é Saló del Llibre infantil i juvenil a Catalunya / Mollerussa

2015 April
April 18 and 19
Collective Exhibition “Colors” + Art workshops
PLOM gallery / Mónllibre Fest at CCCB / Barcelona

2015 February
Collective Exhibition “Kids & Animals”
PLOM gallery / Passage / Barcelona

2014 November – January 2015 
Collective exhibition Hipermerc’art
Sala Vinçon / Barcelona

2014 June
Collective Exhibition “Plom Piggy Bank Show”
PLOM gallery / Barcelona

2014 April
Solo Exhibition
Escola d’art TRAÇ / Barcelona

2014 April
Collective Exhibition
Print Workers Barcelona / Barcelona

2013 December 
Art market “DressYourWall”
Galeria Miscelanea / Barcelona

2013 November 28-5 January 2014 
Collective exhibition Hipermerc’art
Sala Vinçon / Barcelona

Solo exhibition of my project “Dibujogente”
Galeria Safia / Barcelona

Collective exhibition Hipermerc’art
Sala Vinçon / Barcelona

Collective exhibition “Intramuros”
Convento Santo Domingo / Teguise (Canarias).